If you have an emergency after-hours, please contact:

The Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Abilene
Call: 325-691-1504
909 Industrial Blvd. Abilene, Texas 79602

They are a fully-staffed emergency clinic with an in-house laboratory, digital radiology, surgery suite, pharmacy, and supervised hospitalization.

The emergency clinic is open and staffed during the following hours:
Weeknights: 6:00 pm til 7:30am.
Weekends: Friday 6:00pm to Monday at 7:30am
Holidays: 24 hours

What to Do:

1. Remain calm
2. Do not attempt home remedies unless you have been previously advised by your veterinarian to do so.
3. Discuss the emergency with the emergency clinic staff
4. Get directions to the emergency clinic
5. Be cautious when handling injured animals. Animals in pain may bite.


An emergency room fee is charged upon examination by the attending veterinarian. There will be additional charges for treatment and medication your pet receives while at the emergency clinic. An treatment plan of total fees will be given at the initial visit. All fees are payable in full at the time of admission of your pet. Your fees may be paid by cash, check or credit card.

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