Pre-Employment Questionnaire


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Technical Skills

Sample Collection

Blood collection canine jugular vein

Blood collection canine cephalic vein

Blood collection canine saphenous vein

Urine collection canine voided sample

Sample Collection

IV catheter canine cephalic vein

IV catheter canine saphenous vein

IV catheter feline cephalic vein

IV catheter feline saphenous vein

Urinary catheter canine male

Urinary catheter canine female

Urinary catheter feline male

Urinary catheter feline female


IV injections canine cephalic vein

IV injections canine saphenous vein

IV injections feline cephalic vein

IV injections feline saphenous vein

IM injections canine

IM injections feline

SQ injections canine

SQ injections feline


Fecal smear & float preparation

Fecal smear & float evaluation

Idexx parvo test

Idexx Vet Test sample preparation

Idexx LaserCyte CBC analysis

Fresh blood smear preparation

Manual PCV/HCT

Manual total solids/protein (with refractometer)

Blood glucose on glucometer

Urinalysis reagent strip

Urine sediment preparation

Idexx Snap occult heartworm test

Direct heartworm test preparation

Idexx FeLV/FIV Test

Ear cytology preparation & evaluation u0000u0000


Proper use of protective wear

Positioning for radiographs

Measurement of patient & proper setting of x-ray machine using technique chart

Film processing using dipping tanks

Loading x-ray cassettes


Familiar with the principals & workings of an anesthetic machine

Endotracheal intubation of a dog

Endotracheal intubation of a cat

Monitoring patients under isoflurane anesthesia

Familiar with intermittent positive pressure ventilation

Refill vaporizer & change soda lime

Pulse oximeter hook up & monitoring

ECG hook up & monitoring


Preparation of surgery room

Familiar with aseptic principals & techniques

Surgery patient positioning

Clipping & prepping surgery patient

Cleaning & flushing contaminated wounds

Surgical assistance

Post-operative cleaning

Patient monitoring during recovery

Clean, package & sterilize surgical equipment

Package & sterilize paper surgical drapes

Proper scaling & polishing of teeth


Vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration, mm color, CRT)

Canine restraint

Feline restraint

Closed urine collection system

Heska IV pump set up and operation

Principals of maintaining clean patients & hospital


Familiar with computer operations (keyboard, mouse, etc.)

Familiar with Avimark Veterinary software

Familiar with credit card processing terminals

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